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Fayetteville Arkansas

Making the decision to seek help for a mental health or family problem can be very difficult. It might even feel like you have failed in some way.  Yet, a very large percentage of individuals have mental health issues. Some require short term counseling, some longer term therapy, and some require medications.


Having made the decision to seek help, you must choose a helping professional.  Who do you trust?  Who has the skills to help?  Will that person keep the information confidential?  If you have found this website, you are likely searching for someone to help.  


My goal as a licensed counselor is to comfort, encourage, teach and support those who are hurting emotionally. I seek the Lord’s help as I counsel, but being a believer is not a requirement for those who would seek my help. It is always the choice of person being counseled whether to bring in spiritual issues.   I base my counseling on empirically supported interventions and therapeutic practices as well as Biblical principles. 

When counseling couples and families, I believe in the importance of preserving the family.  However, I am aware that many factors may make divorce the only reasonable choice for some couples. 

Please contact me if you have more questions or if you want to set up an appointment. My office is located at 4257 N. Gabel Drive, Suite 2B, Fayetteville AR 72703.  Gabel Drive is a dead-end street that turns south off Zion Road, just across from Lowes.  The office building is the 1st building on the right and the suite is the 1st one on the right when you enter the front door. 


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